About WB Stocks

The Person and Story Behind WB Stocks

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My name is Georgi Tsolov and I am a front-end web developer highly passionate about Forex and stocks trading.

When I read the book “Warren Buffett and the Interpretation of Financial Statements: The Search for the Company with a Durable Competitive Advantage”, I was really inspired. I immediately searched for a website that can calculate the methods from the book, because it would have taken me weeks to calculate everything myself.

When I realized there were no sites like this, I had to find another easy way to follow the book methods. I could have calculated everything in Excel, but because of the multitude of companies I wanted to analyze this doc would have become a monster to use and maintain in no time.

At this point I came up with the idea of making a website. I spent 3 months developing it and you’re looking at the result – WB Stocks. While I could have kept this work to myself, I think it could save time and effort for other inspired readers of Warren Buffet’s market theory.

I hope that my work will help you make wiser investments and I would love to keep in touch, so do not hesitate to contact me via the website or LinkedIn.